1. greek-museums:

    National Archaeological Museum/ Archaeological Site of Mycenae:

    Mycenaean textile ornaments from the “Tomb of the Women”. These gold leaf decorations were sewn on precious textiles. The motifs include a scene of lions hunting, griffins, octopi, deers, moths, leopards, moths or butterflies, temple with birds, mythological or worship scenes, hounds, wolves, and geometrical shapes.

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  2. aleyma:

    Hinge, made in Germany in the 15th century (source).

  3. dare-for-distances:

    The fog caused the fireworks to change the sky color

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  4. dropboxofcuriosities:

    Movable eye, 1948.

    From trays of assorted eyes codesigner Fritz Jardon of american optical company finds a match for patient’s good right eye.

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  5. hismarmorealcalm:

    Giovanni Maria Benzoni (1809-1873)  Statuette “Flight from Pompeii” 1873

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  6. moma:

    Photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson was born today in 1908. Here, he captures another artist named Henri, Henri Matisse. 

    [Henri Cartier-Bresson. Henri Matisse, Vence, France. 1944]

  7. fucknadya:

    I am in love

  9. hismarmorealcalm:

    Charles Marville photographe “Moïse” Sculpture de Michel-Ange  Eglise Saint-Pierre-aux-liens  Rome vers 1861 épreuve sur papier albuminé contrecollée sur carton Musée d’Orsay

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  10. ancientart:

    Depictions of dolphins in ancient art.

    Dolphin, Greece, 300 BC-AD 100. Courtesy of the LACMAAC1992.152.16.

    Dolphins and OctopusesPhiale with decoration in superposed colour, ca. 510–500 BC. From Eretria. Courtesy of the LouvreMNB 624. Photo by Jastrow.

    Dolphin mosaic from the Baths of Buticosus, Ostia Antica. Roman, 2nd century. Photo by Roger Ulrich.

    Dolphin fresco, Knossos, Crete, 1700-1450 BC. Photo by H-stt, via the Wiki Commons.

    Youth playing the flute and riding a dolphin. Red-figure stamnos, 360–340 BC. Alcestis Group, from Etruria. Courtesy of the National Archaeological Museum of Spain. Photo by Jastrow, via the Wiki Commons.

    Fish (Dolphin), Syria or Palestine, 300-400. Courtesy of the LACMAM.88.129.118.

  11. archaicwonder:

    Roman Gateway to Patara, Turkey

    Ancient Patara was a wealthy port city at the mouth of the Xanthos River. It was said to have been founded by Patarus, a son of Apollo. The city was noted in antiquity for its temple and oracle of Apollo, second only to that of Delphi.

    Patara was originally a Lycian settlement and then served as an important naval base during the wars of Alexander the Great’s successors. It later became part of the Lycian League and then a thriving port within the Roman Empire. Sometime during the Middle Ages the harbour of Patara silted up, rendering the port useless.

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  12. artruby:

    Angela Bulloch. 

  13. gerda-kay:

    Provence, Golfe de la Napoule, ca. 1925.


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  14. "I will take the sun in my mouth
    and leap into the ripe air
    with closed eyes
    to dash against darkness"
    — e. e. cummings, from “i will wade out” (via keatonelise)

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  15. Gustave Ricard • Female Seen from the Back Ca 1865

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