1. destroyed-and-abandoned:

    Burst Pipe in Norilsk, Russia. Photo by Elena Chernyshova

  2. picturesque-russia:

    Иван Шишкин. Дети в лесу

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  3. flexibilitas-cerea:

    International book covers of Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita.

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  4. wahnwitzig:

    Russian soldier, WWI

  5. maptitude1:

    This typographic map of St. Petersburg, Russia, is made up of quotes from books that take place in the city.


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  6. philamuseum:

    More Art Monday: Bastille Day

    Happy July 14 to our French friends! As every French town is organizing its own ball to celebrate it and every woman is getting ready to be the most beautiful, discover the Museum’s collection of ball gowns and accessories. Which one would you chose to go dancing in on Bastille Day?

    Ball of the Bastille,” 1790, Louis Le Coeur

    Woman’s Evening Dress: Bodice and Skirt,” 1850-55, Artist/maker unknown, French

    Fan,” 1905-10, Alexandre

    Bag,” 1920, Artist/maker unknown, Austrian

    Woman’s Shoes,” 1895, Label Alexander, New York

    Bouquet Holder,” 1850, Artist/maker unknown, French

    Bracelet,” 1849,  Artist/maker unknown, French

  7. moma:

    Photographer Lee Friedlander, born this day in 1934, aimed to capture the “American social landscape.” 

    [Lee Friedlander. New York City. 1966.]


  8. readmore-worryless:

    "Too many books?" I believe the phrase you’re looking for is "not enough bookshelves".

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  10. moma:

    Gustav Klimt, born today in 1862, is primarily known for his paintings of figures, but he also painted landscapes throughout his career. 

    [Gustav Klimt. The Park. 1910 or earlier.]

  11. "It would be the best of all, you know, if once in one of my pictures, only one human being had got something out of it for his life, for his daily life or for his future. I would be happy. That is the whole reason. If people use my pictures, it doesn’t matter if they are angry or aggressive or critical, but just that they are emotionally involved with my pictures. That is the only thing that is important to me."

    Ingmar Bergman
    July 14, 1918 — July 30, 2007

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  12. ozu-teapot:

    Happy Birthday Ingmar Bergman - born today July 14th 1918 (died July 30th 2007)

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  14. "Reading well is one of the great pleasures that solitude can afford you."
    — Harold Bloom (via wordpainting)
  15. "Flora and the Zephyrs" (1897) (detail) by John William Waterhouse (1849-1917).

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